The following three-part article presents some of the challenges that biogas fermenters present to agitator manufacturers — rheology, material handling as well as stirring element optimization – in the process to find the optimal solution.

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Part 1: Agitator tasks and rheology

This first article deals with the fundamental mixing tasks as well as the rheology as a basis for agitator design.

Part 2: Optimal material intake & prevention of floating layers

The article addresses two important and above all practical questions for the planner and operator: How can fresh material be optimally conveyed for the rapid distribution of the fresh substrate into the fermenter and how the formation of floating layers can be prevented during continuous operation.

Part 3: Mechanically and fluid mechanically optimized agitators

In the final part of the article series discusses both the mechanical and fluid mechanical optimization of the agitators. In addition, the important role of the correct material selection in agitator design is addressed.

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