Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj (hereinafter “Uutechnic Group”) is committed to conducting sustainable and responsible business. This Code of Conduct is based on the Group values: increasing customer value, sustainability, expertise and honesty. It relates to our responsibilities towards our business environment, employees, business partners and society, and is complemented by other specific codes and instructions applicable to Uutechnic Group.

This Code of Conduct provides the basis for the conduct of Uutechnic Group employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. Each party involved is responsible for its compliance with this Code.

The Board of Directors of Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj approved this Code of Conduct on 26 October 2017.

The Board may update the Code as necessary. More details on the interpretation of or compliance with the Code of Conduct can be given by Group CEO Dominic Hill.


In our operations, we comply with the local laws and regulations of the current country of operation. It is the responsibility of each employee to obtain knowledge on the laws and regulations relevant to their work, and to take appropriate action to ensure compliance with such laws and regulations. Irrespective oftheir position, no Uutechnic Group employee has the right to engage in, expect, or allow unlawful operations.

Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj, the parent company of Uutechnic Group, is listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy), and it complies with the currently valid Finnish laws and regulations concerning the governance of publicly limited companies. The information to be disclosed to the market is reported in compliance with laws, Stock Exchange rules and the Code of Corporate Governance.


We respect and comply with the principles specified in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We do not accept the use of forced labour or child labour. We hold as universal fundamental rights freedoms suchas freedom of thought, opinion, expression, religion and peaceful assembly.

We do not discriminate against our employees or job applicants by gender, nationality, religion, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership or social or ethnic origin. All employees have the right to belong or not belong to a trade union.

We strive to create a workplace where all our employees are treated fairly and equally. We do not accept harassment or bullying of any kind at or outsidethe workplace, or in contexts such as social media.


Ensuring safety is one of our key values. For Uutechnic Group, the safety of our employees and the environment is our highest priority. We believe that safety is an attitude and a way of thinking, and that each job and assignment can be done safely. Before starting an assignment, we pay attention to minimising risks. Our goal is to create a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees and guests, and for all of our customers.

The management is responsible for setting a good example, and for ensuring that our safety practices are effective. The management is also responsible for promoting a positive attitude towards ensuring safety, and for ensuring that every employee is responsible for their own safety and that of their colleagues.Our action plan for occupational health care is to ensure the wellbeing and working capacity of our employees, and to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.


We respect environmental legislation and practices that protect and conserve the environment. We take our environmental impact into account in our business operations. The Group’s environmental policy aims at the development of our own operations and our customers’ processes while also considering environmental aspects. Responsibility concerns the entire lifespan of the Group’s products. We engage in open dialogue about environmental issues, and seek to optimise our energy use and reduce our emissions. Our openness ensures that our products are manufactured sustainably.


We strive to be an honest and reliable business partner. We expect our employees to act responsibly and pursue the interests of Uutechnic Group. The employees of the company must avoid any actions that would lead to a conflict of interests. All business relationships must be based on objective grounds.

We are committed to fighting corruption in all its forms. We do not pay bribes or other unlawful charges. Accordingly, we do not offer or acceptservices or other benefits that could be assumed to affect decision-making, or that exceed the limits of normal hospitality costs.


We have zero tolerance for money laundering. We only do business with reputable parties engaged in lawful business and whose resources arise from legal sources.


We comply with the existing competition legislation, and compete in honest and fair terms. We do not engage in any unlawful activities.


Employees of the Group have theobligation to take good care of any property of the Uutechnic Group (tangible and intangible assets, financial assets and confidential information). Company assets may only be used for legitimate business.

We undertake to protect the property, materials and confidential information entrusted to us by our contractors, suppliers or customers.


Our aim is to work only with goods suppliers, contractors, consultants and agents who are willing and prepared to comply with the principles of this Code of Conduct in their work. We expect our goods suppliers, contractors, consultants and agents to comply with local laws in all the countries they operate in.


All Uutechnic Group employees must comply with this Code of Conduct. If you are unsure, please contact your supervisor or the CEO.

Supervisors are responsible for introducing the Code in their own organisations. This Code is part of the onboarding package for new employees.

Noncompliance with the Code of Conduct will lead to sanctions, and potentially to termination of employment. Employees are encouraged to report any noncompliance with this Code to their supervisors or to the CEO. Persons reporting suspected or actual noncompliance in good faith will not be sanctioned in any manner. The rights and privacy of the reporting party and the suspected offender are guaranteed