A special design for draft tube mixing applications, e.g. for crystallization processes, suspensions, or highly viscous materials. Features CFD-optimized wing technology with maximum pumping rates with the lowest energy demand. This high solidity impeller prevents stalling and cavitation. Runs up to 250.000 cP.



High efficiency axial flow impeller developed especially for mixing fiber suspensions in pulp and paper applications. Impeller blades are casted in order to maximize pumping efficiency, and the blade angles can be adjusted.



Unique innovation for the low-shear mixing of sensitive products, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industries. With an off-center agitator mounting, the ZETA impeller creates a forced driven flow with constant mixing times independent of the flow number. The impeller design developed by us covers the full liquid-level height and prevents product flow stagnation or segregated zones by mixing all over tank. ZETA runs up to viscosities > 50.000 cP.

HTS5 Impeller


Axial flow impeller for pulp and paper applications with the highest propulsion effect on mixed media.

In addition to our proprietary agitators, UTG offers a range of generic/standard impellers, as well as customer requested impeller designs.