Countercurrent flow impeller with energy optimized wing technology for pressure equalization of the front/back wing. Used for outstanding uniform energy dissipation at the lowest shear stress impact on the product. SIGMA is used for demanding blending, suspension, crystallization and heat transfer applications. Runs up to viscosities > 100.000 cP.



Countercurrent flow impeller that substitutes expansive helical ribbon impellers by state-of-the-art design. ALPHA creates a forced driven flow all over the tank with constant mixing times independent of the flow number. Runs up to viscosities > 1 Mio. cP. Due to its optimized construction, ALPHA be assembled into tanks through each manhole.



Unique innovation for the low-shear mixing of sensitive products, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industries. With an off-center agitator mounting, the ZETA impeller creates a forced driven flow with constant mixing times independent of the flow number. The impeller design developed by us covers the full liquid-level height and prevents.


Coaxial agitators are designed to handle viscosities from water-like fluids up to 1 million centipoises in one process. Double acting agitation cases require tailored impellers based on helical blades or other generic impeller designs. In addition to these generic impellers, UTG offers proprietary impellers and customer requested impeller designs.