Global competence served locally

The UTG Mixing Group offers a unique model of bringing its global capacity for solving mixing needs locally. We offer mixing technology solutions that minimize lifecycle costs by bringing our expertise in the process industries as close to our customers as possible.

For our customers, this means:

  1. Easy access to the best process know-how
    The most critical element in solving the mixing challenges of our customers is process-specific know-how. This means understanding the individual needs of our customers and providing access to our proven solutions. Specialized mixing expertise is rare and often contained within industrial clusters. UTG’s distributed approach ensures a wide variety of specialized expertise. Local process specialists are committed to serving our customers in their own language. Remote specialists from other locations are involved whenever the case requires. Transparent and state-of-the-art data management systems allow extremely efficient teamwork among our experts.
  2. World-class R&D
    If a proven solution does not yet exist, tailoring a new solution requires measuring the input values and testing different alternatives. Our centralized R&D improves the viability of investments by employing sophisticated analysis methods and advanced computer simulation software.
  3. Backed up by our parent brand UTG
    Our brand promise and local projects are backed up by a global organization.

    • Service and manufacturing capacity
    • Access to the best practices and subcontractors
    • Quality assurance and certification (FTE, PED, ATEX)
    • Financial strength to carry the risks of large projects
  4. Product brands
    We have three specialized brands for local or industry-specific customer needs.

    • Tailored product series for optimized performance and lead times
    • Manufacturing of local product components allows fast deliveries and stock availability
    • Short response time to customer visits, project or workshop audits, and service calls

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