CASE: Optimization of fertilizer process

UTG’s mixing concept is now used in several of the customer’s production plants


Special requirements are set by:

  • Easily settling mineral slurries
  • Conditions causing mechanical wear
  • Corrosive attack
  • Challenging operating environments

UTG Mixing Group agitators for the fertilizer industry:

  • Top-entry agitators for process and storage tanks
  • Top-entry agitators for ammoniation and digestion reactors
  • Top-entry agitators for DAP reactors
  • Top-entry agitators for attack and maturation tanks for phosphoric acid production

Product wetted parts for agitator shafts or agitator systems used in the fertilizer industry are often made of high quality stainless steels such as SAF 2507 and sometimes require additional PTFE cladding.

The long lifetime and reliability of our agitators are achieved by studying closely our customers’ demanding processes.

Agitators for reactors

The installed motor power of our large reactor agitators can reach 500 kW, and they can weigh up to 40 tons.

Process conditions vary largely, for example in terms of temperature, pressure and material data. Demanding process conditions set special requirements for the materials, shaft seals and drives used in the agitators.

Agitators for storage tanks

In large storage tanks, the agitator shaft length can be up to 30 meters and the impeller diameter up to 10 meters.

The most demanding applications include large mineral slurry tanks with a capacity of thousands of cubic meters for slurries with a specific weight of more than 2500 kg/m3.

Typical mixing targets:

  • Keeping contents homogeneous
  • Preventing suspended solids from settling
  • Dispersing gas into slurry
  • Dissolving and dispersing solids into acids
  • Improving mass and heat transfer

Agitation processes require individual adaptations

Individual solutions in close cooperation with our customers are based on detailed analysis. UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center consists of a testing laboratory in Warburg, Germany, and is backed up by our process experts and researchers at our local offices in Finland and Germany. We also offer a wide range of our own innovations that provide optimized flow performance. We develop and design according to case-specific requirements in order to optimize new customer processes.


UTG Mixing Group seeks for unique model of bringing global capacity of solving mixing needs close to local customer.

We look forward to your inquiry and are available to answer any questions you may have.


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