Developed for agitators requiring a mechanical seal. The innovative design enables the mechanical seal to be removed from the side in less than 1 hour, so the motor and gearbox do not have to be moved. Applicable for up to 750 kW and 60-300 mm shafts.

SDR/SBR DIN series

Designed to meet all applicable DIN standards. The modular structure can be configured for a wide range of applications from up to 300 kW and for 60-280 mm shafts. The design enables quick seal changes by swiveling the upper part of the mounting. The motor and gearbox do not have to be disassembled.

SNR standard series

DIN-compatible model for medium power and torque requirements (1.1-110 kw, 40-125mm) applied with standard seals and gear units.

SHS/SHK compact series

A drive unit with a helical or bevel-helical geared motor and a hollow shaft design for sizes ranging from 0.37-110 kW.

SM/SG compact Series

Compact direct drive for IEC or geared motors. Fast rotation, low torque for medium range applications (0.37-22 kW).

Tailored housing

If modular structures do not fulfil the requirements or DIN standards are not competitive, the drive unit can be fully tailored to fit the purpose. These are normally applied in pressure vessels requiring special sealings and for different sealing and bearings or extra high torque requirements.

Agitator gear

The most robust drive unit is a special agitator gear tailored to handle the torque and bending moments of the agitator without any additional bearings. Agitator gears are suitable for motor power up to 1 MW and shaft diameter up to 500 mm.

The drive unit transmits power from the electric motor to the gearbox and finally to the agitator shaft, transforming the motor speed to the nominal agitation speed. The drive unit also works as the housing (so called agitator lantern) for various sealing systems and bearings.