Side and bottom entry drive unit options

Drive unit

The drive unit transmits power from the electric motor or via a gear or belt drive to the agitator shaft, transforming the motor speed to the nominal agitation speed. The drive unit also works as the housing for various sealing systems and bearings.

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In addition to our proprietary agitators, UTG offers a range of generic/standard impellers, as well as customer requested impeller designs.

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Side and bottom entry agitators always require shaft sealing.


Mounting to tank

Side and bottom entry drive units are always mounted to the agitator flange.

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Materials are selected based on corrosion, the abrasion of the mixed media and the reactor gas space. Mechanical properties in relation to the required agitation forces also play a role when selecting materials. Ideally, solid materials are applied, but sometimes linings have to be used due to the availability, cost or a poor combination of wear and mechanical strength of the base material.

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Side and bottom entry agitators are applied when the aspect ratio or size of the vessel does not allow a vertical impeller installation. As the entry point of the agitator shaft is below the liquid surface, side and bottom agitators always require sealing.