Sigma 2


Countercurrent flow impeller with energy optimized wing technology for pressure equalization of the front/back wing. Used for outstanding uniform energy dissipation at lowest shear stress impact on product. SIGMA is used for demanding blending, suspension, crystallization and heat transfer applications. Runs up to viscosities > 100.000 cP.



Countercurrent flow impeller that substitutes expansive helical ribbon impellers by state-of-the-art design. ALPHA creates a forced driven flow all over the tank with constant mixing times independent of the flow number. Runs up to viscosities > 1 million cP. Due to its optimized construction, ALPHA be assembled into tanks through each manhole.



Unique innovation for the low-shear mixing of sensitive products, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industries. With an off-center agitator mounting, the ZETA impeller creates a forced driven flow with constant mixing times independent of the flow number. The impeller design developed by us covers the full liquid-level height and prevents product flow stagnation or segregated zones by mixing all over tank. ZETA runs up to viscosities > 50.000 cP.



A special design for draft tube mixing applications, for example for crystallization processes, suspensions or highly viscous materials. Features CFD-optimized wing technology with maximum pumping rates with the lowest energy demand. This high solidity impeller prevents stalling and cavitation. Runs up to 250.000 cP.



CFD-optimized impeller for extremely large tank blending and suspension with the lowest energy demand. Maximum prevention of agglomerations due to special construction details. Used in process and storage tanks up to 15000 m³ with only one agitator application. Due to its optimized primary flow characteristics, THETA prevents both solid suspension and floating layers in biogas processing, for example.



A narrow blade hydrofoil impeller designed for low and medium viscosity range. Applied for extra-large storage tanks when solid suspension is the main mixing task.



A wide blade hydrofoil impeller designed for higher viscosity range. A multipurpose impeller for combining efficient pumping and moderate energy intensity for mass transfer.


RP6 concave turbine

A gassing and suspension turbine with high independence of power from gas flow by suppression of cavity formation due to its deep concave wing design plus integrated Venturi nozzle design for fluid and gas acceleration to generate the highest specific mass transfer areas for maximum mass transfer of the gas/fluid/solid.



Specially designed for gassing/aerating particle suspensions. Down-pumping or up-pumping patented turbine for unique performance in multiple phase mixtures with fluid, gas and solid contents. Preforming gas cavities on the wing back enable the independent performance of the gas flow over a wide-ranging feed rate. Thanks its special design, the pumping rate and suspension performance are not reduced by gassing.

RA turbine

RA turbine

Special bottom impeller innovation. The RA turbine is used in combination with HDL-type single or multiple axial flow impellers on top of the shaft. The RA turbine keeps the tank bottom free of solid settlements even down to the lowest suspension levels and facilitates clearing the tank bottom and dragging out material by centering flow. The RA has an additional shaft stabilizing effect and minimizes bending movements.

Impeller GasGen4


Self-aerating gas dispersion turbine that circulates gas form the vessel’s gas space to the slurry/liquid. It features a unique hollow shaft turbine design for gas dispersion into liquids or suspensions by means of the integrated gas generation effect, for example in hydrogenation, ethoxylation and carbonization processes. The gas is soaked up from the gas phase on top of the vessel by vacuum generation and dispersed into fine bubbles with the maximum reaction surface for optimized reaction kinetics. The gas runs multiple times through the loop through the impeller until it is 100% reacted.



Up-pumping patented gassing turbine used solely for medium gassing rates or in combination with the RP6 turbine for the highest gassing performance. It offers short mixing times for fast nutrient blending, oxygen concentration equalization plus carbon-dioxide stripping in biotech processes, for example. The CFD-developed special wing design performs in a wide range independent of the gas flow rate and by maintaining a constant primary pumping rate.


In addition to our proprietary agitators, UTG offers a wide range of generic/standard impellers, as well as customer requested impeller designs.