Magnetic agitator

Magnetic agitator impellers are driven magnetically instead of by a shaft. Without a shaft, the impeller can be rotated under hermetic conditions. Since there is no mechanical seal, the risk of product contamination is completely eliminated, so magnetic agitators can be applied for processes with extra high aseptic requirements or for highly chemical or biological toxic media.

Drive unit

Hermet MagDrives consisting of a tank-side rotor and external drive that is equipped with either a direct diver motor, gear motor or air motor. The installed power range is 0.12 – 15 kW.


In addition to our proprietary agitators, UTG offers a range of generic/standard impellers, as well as customer requested impeller designs.


Mounting to tank

Agitator is mounted to the tank by welding flange which is integrated part of the magnetic drive.


Materials are selected based on corrosion, the abrasion of the mixed media and the reactor gas space. Mechanical properties in relation to the required agitation forces also play a role when selecting materials. Wetted parts have been FDA approved for compliance with current GMP