Side entry agitators are designed for high-end performance for the pulp and paper industry. The conical structure of the drive unit minimizes the distance between the impeller and the seal. The short distance means reduced radial loads on the mechanical seal. This drive is always equipped with an industrial gear and can be applied up to 132 kW.

SSR side entry series

SSR side entry series

Cost-effective alternative for large tank applications. It is equipped with an advanced seal design plus shut-off for seal replacement while the tank is filled. It may be driven by with an industrial gearbox or v-belt drive. Motor power 4 – 90 kW.

SNR standard series

DIN-compatible model for medium power and torque requirements (1.1-110 kw, 40-125 mm) applied with standard seals and gear units.

SM/SG compact series

Compact direct drive for IEC or geared motors. Fast rotation, low torque for medium range applications (0.37-15 kW).

SHS/SHK compact series

A drive unit with a helical or bevel-helical geared motor and a hollow shaft design for sizes ranging from 0.37-55 kW.

Tailored housing

When modular structures do not fit the requirements or DIN standards are not competitive, the drive unit can be fully tailored to be fit for purpose. For example, large bottom entry reactor agitators often require a special drive unit.

The drive unit transmits power from the electric motor or via a gear or belt drive to the agitator shaft, transforming the motor speed to the nominal agitation speed. The drive unit also works as the housing for various sealing systems and bearings.