Precision mixing solutions tailored to international standards

UTG Mixing Group and the Stelzer brand were acquired by SPX FLOW in January 2021. The addition of Stelzer to SPX FLOW’s Mixing business brings new resources and capabilities to our customers and complements SPX FLOW’s already-robust portfolio of leading mixer brands such as Lightnin, Plenty and APV. Learn more about SPX FLOW at

Stelzer is known for its wide range of process know-how, versatile technical experience, high-quality and durable products.

Previously Stelzer had been part of the UTG Mixing Group following a merger in 2015 between Uutechnic Oy and Vaahto Group, the parent company of the German subsidiary Stelzer Rührtechnik International GmbH.

Stelzer also provided a physical laboratory and CFD simulation capabilities, which continue to play a significant role in UTG’s operations. Stelzer relies on tested safety according to the DIN EN ISO 9001_2015 standard in all phases of its projects to achieve optimal results.

Since 1946, companies in a wide range of sectors around the world have identified the Stelzer brand with reliable and sought-after project-specific mixing solutions. Stelzer’s roots are in the chemical industry and the dairy industry, for which it developed precisely dimensioned mixing solutions designed to meet challenging hygiene requirements in accordance with international standards. These also provided the basis for the food and pharmaceutical solutions we offer today, as well as our special expertise in cleaning and polishing.

A combination of high-skilled process engineering, research and development

The secret behind our successful customer projects is the combination of the dedicated work of our skilled process engineers, decades of experience, and research and development at Stelzer’s site in Warburg, Germany, all of which have provided us with extensive process knowledge and integrated systems knowledge in a variety of sectors.

Optimal results are achieved by combining established process technology experience with further developments based on tests under realistic conditions at the UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center in Germany in combination with CFD computer simulations. The process engineering for each agitator is individually optimized, using detailed problem and process analysis as a reliable base.

Stelzer mixing solutions are known for their precision and designed in accordance with a wide range of international standards:

  • Solutions tailored in compliance with DIN standards, fast deliveries of configurable product series assembled from stock
  • Mixing tasks (suspension, emulsification, dispersion, gassing, heat transfer) and reactions of a wide range of fluid properties, viscosities and suspension rheology
  • Operating areas include cleanability, aseptic and hermetic applications
  • Competitive investment cost through optimized mechanical design