Robust mixing solutions for heavy industries

UTG Mixing Group and the Uutechnic brand were acquired by SPX FLOW in January 2021. The addition of Uutechnic to SPX FLOW’s Mixing business brings new resources and capabilities to our customers and complements SPX FLOW’s already-robust portfolio of leading mixer brands such as Lightnin, Plenty and APV. Learn more about SPX FLOW at

Uutechnic specializes in large top entry agitators and side entry agitators for heavy industry that are designed and manufactured individually according to the particular requirements of each process.

Long traditions in industries that rely on critical equipment technology

Previously Uutechnic Oy, founded in 1993 in Uusikaupunki, had joined the UTG Mixing Group in 2015. Uutechnic has its roots in the hydrometallurgical industry on the west coast of Finland. Mixing solutions were initially designed only for industries that rely on critical equipment technology, such as fertilizer manufacturing for Yara (formerly Kemira) and nickel manufacturing for Norilsk Nickel (formerly Outokumpu).

Uutechnic’s strengths include duplex stainless steel processing, linings (such as high-
grade steel linings, rubber linings and other polymer linings) and particularly strong mechanical solutions, and it has developed into a respected brand in the global market for demanding mixing technologies.

We supply demanding solutions to the following industries:

  • Mining and hydrometallurgical industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Production of filler and pigment slurries
  • Other branches of the chemical industry

Our philosophy: The more demanding the application, the simpler the solution

Fewer and simpler parts mean a lower probability of failures. Rigid and strong impellers and often completely maintenance-free seal designs further enhance reliability. Uutechnic’s solutions offer exceptionally high availability and can operate for decades without preliminary maintenance.

Tailoring is most often customer specific in the heavy industries served by Uutechnic, as off-the-shelf product series usually do not exist. Proprietary impellers are used since they are mechanically designed for heavy duty.

Uutechnic offers comprehensive mixing technologies that combine the benefits of reliability, high production volumes and optimal performance to maximize the return on investment.

  • We serve customers with critical needs and challenging environments
  • Mixing duties: chemical and physical reactions of mineral slurries
  • Special material competence includes a wide range of high-grade steels, including duplex
  • Linings, including rubbers and polymers
  • Safety factors based on experience with extreme conditions combined with standardized calculations and measured forces