Innovative specialized mixing applications

UTG Mixing Group and the Jamix brand were acquired by SPX FLOW in January 2021. The addition of Jamix to SPX FLOW’s Mixing business brings new resources and capabilities to our customers and complements SPX FLOW’s already-robust portfolio of leading mixer brands such as Lightnin, Plenty and APV. Learn more about SPX FLOW at

Our specialized process concepts include:

  • High-rate oxidation with gas in liquid dispersion
  • Gas dispersion in carbonization processes
  • Crystallization processes

One of the special strengths brought by Jamix to the UTG Mixing Group is titanium treatment thanks to our extensive know-how in materials and alloys for the needs of the chemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, mining and hydrometallurgical industries. We serve customers in industries that involve high oxygen concentrations or high levels of chlorides, for example in salt treatment plants.

Jamix, originally a brand of Japrotek, joined the UTG Mixing Group in 2015 after a merger between Uutechnic Oy and Vaahto Group. Jamix’s reliable, innovative mixing technology originates from the early 1970s, when it was manufacturing heavy and large process equipment in Pietarsaari on the west coast of Finland. In the 1990s, its expertise in the paper and pulp industry was further strengthened within the Vaahto Group. The innovations that were born there are now used all over the world.

Jamix stands for efficient mixing performance and optimized special processes:

  • High-shear liquid-liquid and specialty gas-liquid mixing
  • Tailored lifecycle cost of water treatment agitators
  • Special material competence in titanium and high-grade alloys
  • Special solutions to avoid bottom bearings high in availability targets