Wastewater Treatment


CASE: Optimization of wastewater treatment process

High chlorine content in effluent waters creates additional requirements


System solutions

  • Blending
  • Suspending
  • Floating layer intake
  • Gassing

We offer a full range of options for dry running agitators.

Depending on the process step, we recommend top-entry and side-entry agitators for wastewater treatment plants.

Instead of standard solutions, we consistently apply individual adaptations and further developments that make our agitators leaders in their field.

Highly efficient axial flow and countercurrent flow impellers with optimized low shear rates ensure maximum product protection

We offer a full range of options for dry running agitators. Side-entry agitators have reliable drive and sealing systems and can be equipped with a fast change device to replace seals on a full tank. Top-entry agitators are equipped with a shaft settling device for the protection of the agitator shafts, water-cup sealing technology with easy monitoring, and overhung agitator shafts without a bottom bearing with up to 25-meter shaft lengths.

We calculate axial forces, bending and torque already in the design phase, unlike conventional systems that are more prone to faults. Harmonic resonance frequencies (critical rotation speeds) are eliminated from the working range of the agitator by design.

Agitation processes require individual adaptations

Individual solutions in close cooperation with our customers are based on detailed analysis. UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center consists of a testing laboratory in Warburg, Germany, and is backed up by our process experts and researchers at our local offices in Finland and Germany. We also offer a wide range of our own innovations that provide optimized flow performance. We develop and design according to case-specific requirements in order to optimize new customer processes.


In order to remain competitive, we make sure that our price, services, products and delivery time meet always customer’s expectations. For us high quality means that the customer knows what they are getting and when.


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