Agitators and mixers

Vertical agitator

Vertical agitators are the most versatile and commonly used mixing solution. Vertical agitators require shaft sealing only in cases when the vessel is pressurized or its gas space needs to be isolated for special reasons. Vertical agitators offer the simplest solution for introducing mechanical force for fluid agitation.


Side and bottom entry agitators

Side and bottom entry agitators are applied when the aspect ratio or size of the vessel does not allow a vertical impeller installation. As the entry point of the agitator shaft is below the liquid surface, side and bottom agitators always require sealing.


Coaxial shaft agitators

Coaxial Shaft Agitators are double acting units equipped with two agitator systems, each with its own independent drive and control system. The double drive system enables the combination of different process steps, such as blending, suspending, dispersion and heat transfer. This is a cost-efficient alternative to blenders and horizontal mixers.

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Magnetic agitator

Magnetic agitator impellers are driven magnetically instead of by a shaft. Without a shaft, the impeller can be rotated under hermetic conditions. Since there is no mechanical seal, the risk of product contamination is completely eliminated, so magnetic agitators can be applied for processes with extra high aseptic requirements or for highly chemical or biological toxic media.



Instead of standard equipment, we offer individual mixing solutions and advanced innovations that make our agitators and mixers among the best in the world.

UTG Mixing Group’s agitators and mixers enable fully customized mixing solutions based on optimized production processes. Our agitators are manufactured to comply with international standards such as DIN and ASME or they are tailored according to the customer’s own requirements and specifications. All of our products are available for environments with a risk of explosion according to ATEX Directive.