UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center keeps you in power

The UTG Mixing Group is continuously working on further developing innovative agitation technologies at the UTG Mixing Technology R&D Centre.

The R&D Centre consists of a testing laboratory in Warburg, Germany, and is backed up by our process experts and researchers at our local offices in Finland and Germany. Our R&D work is guided by the ideas and development trends of our customers.

We also offer a wide range of our own innovations that provide optimized flow performance. We develop and design according to case-specific requirements in order to optimize new customer processes.

New requirements for complex processes, optimised procedures, improved quality, safety and productivity are all part of our daily work.


Process analysis services

We will gladly analyze existing customer processes on request to determine whether the investment and operating costs required are economically efficient. We support economic solutions that suit our customers.

CFD simulation shows in real scale

The UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center in Warburg, Germany, combines all practical laboratory tests with computer-based simulations using CFD software.

CFD also simulates experiments that cannot be conducted with real media for cost or security reasons. The reasons for this can be toxic, explosive or carcinogenic product behavior.


Our laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment:

  • Suitable testing areas equipped with glass and stainless steel vessels in different sizes
  • Vessels that can be optionally heated or cooled
  • Standard agitators include axial, radial, tangential and countercurrent flow impellers covering a viscosity range up to 1 million mPas.

A testing area with a coaxial agitator system is also available:

  • Optimal conditions for tests with two agitator systems running in the same or in opposite directions
  • Measuring data from practical tests are continuously registered to provide a basis for scaling-up to the original size.







Jörg-Peter Lindner
Technical Manager

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