Biochemicals & Pharmaceutics


CASE: Fermentation process optimization

Old turbines were replaced with a high-tech prime dispersing unit to feed micro-organisms with air for perfect metabolism



  • Substrate production
  • Sterilization of the fermentation medium
  • Aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
  • Synthesis
  • Product concentration & purification
  • Crystallization

The advantages offered by the UTG Mixing Group for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry applications are based on the use of highly efficient axial, radial and countercurrent impellers.

Instead of standard solutions, we consistently apply individual adaptations and further developments that make our agitators leaders in their field.

Agitators are available as top or bottom-entry units with optimally low or high shear rates.
We also offer a separate product line for gentle homogenizing and suspension based on magnetic agitators installed at the bottom as an alternative to using seals. Gassed agitators for fermenters with standard turbines and gassing turbines developed in-house are also available.

We calculate the most important parameters in the agitation process on request: mixing times and pH values, temperature settings, homogeneous substrate distribution, heat exchange with internal structures and the tank wall, or the oxygen transfer rate by calculating the kLa and OTR parameters. Mechanical stress calculations and calculations of the forces and torques on the agitator vessels and internal structures can also be performed in terms of the gassing rates and the specific power input.

Agitation processes require individual adaptations

Individual solutions in close cooperation with our customers are based on detailed analysis. UTG Mixing Technology R&D Center consists of a testing laboratory in Warburg, Germany, and is backed up by our process experts and researchers at our local offices in Finland and Germany. We also offer a wide range of our own innovations that provide optimized flow performance. We develop and design according to case-specific requirements in order to optimize new customer processes.


UTG Mixing Group seeks for unique model of bringing global capacity of solving mixing needs close to local customer.

We look forward to your inquiry and are available to answer any questions you may have.


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