Inspecta Ltd and Vaahto Group Expand Cooperation



Inspecta Ltd and Vaahto Group Plc have entered into a new, more extensive cooperation agreement. The new agreement, signed in early November, will result in more comprehensive utilisation of Inspecta Corporation’s services by Vaahto Group. The agreement applies to companies within Vaahto Group that operate in Finland.

Vaahto Group Plc operates globally as a supplier of high-technology paper machinery and related services as well as process machinery. A subsidiary of Vaahto Group, Japrotek Ltd, has contracts including the supply of all of the Finnish-made pressure vessels for the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

Inspecta Ltd is a Finnish service provider with high levels of competence in international production plant safety requirements in fields including industry, energy production, construction, trade and commerce.

CEO of Vaahto Group Plc, Antti Vaahto, firmly believes that joint operating models will help increase efficiency and ensure competitiveness in the global market.

– Our agreement will create new cooperation models related to testing and inspection of materials and products and certification of operations. We also aim to cooperate in the development of mutual knowledge management and training activities.

Managing Director of Inspecta Ltd, Simo Hassi, also believes that deepening cooperation will boost Vaahto Group’s competitiveness.

– Clients who only acquire an individual service may not necessarily achieve the benefit they are looking for. Vaahto Group has decided to utilise our services in a more comprehensive manner, and this way they will be able to display the development of their product quality to their clients, says Hassi.


For further information please contact:

Inspecta Ltd, Managing Director Simo Hassi

Phone: +358 (0)10 521 600


Vaahto Group Plc, CEO Antti Vaahto

Phone: +358 (0)201 880 511