Vaahto Ltd Delivers a Major Rebuild Including Shoe-Press, Wire Section and New Headbox to Halkali Kagit in Turkey


Vaahto Ltd delivers a major rebuild including shoe-press, wire section and new headbox to Halkali Kagit in Turkey

Turkey is integrating to Europe with full speed resulting in rapidly growing demand of packaging boards. Halkali Kagit is an agile board manufacturer, who wants to expand its production capacity to meet market needs. Finnish paper machinery manufacturer Vaahto Ltd has got the order to rebuild Halkali Kagit´s PM1 in Istanbul.  Vaahto´s delivery will include a dilution controlled headbox, a new fourdrinier wire section, top wire unit, and a shoe-press. Vaahto is also responsible for the erection supervision, training and start-up services of the delivery.

Halkali´s board mill is located in the heart of Istanbul, only a few kilometers from the international airport. PM1 has a wire width of 3,85 m and will run at speed of 800 m/min. The start-up of the revamped line is scheduled for the summer 2006. Majority of the equipment will be manufactured and pre-assembled at Vaahto´s workshops in Hollola and Tampere in Finland.

Vaahto Ltd is reaching a position as one of the leading rebuilders of board machines. Currently Vaahto has several major rebuild orders from board mills from all important markets USA, China and Europe.

Vaahto Ltd is a subsidiary of Vaahto Group, which is a globally operating high technology company serving process industry in the fields of pulp and paper machinery and process machinery. The private company has been established in 1874 and is currently managed by the fifth generation of Vaahto family. Vaahto Group has been listed on the I-list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988.