Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery to Supply a Headbox to Stora Enso Imatra


Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery to supply a headbox to Stora Enso Imatra

Stora Enso has selected Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery as supplier of a new dilution controlled headbox to BM5 at Tainionkoski, Imatra mills. Start up after the rebuild is planned for September 2008.

The BM5, with its 5.5 meter wire width, is one of the major European producers of liquid packaging boards. The new rectifier roll headbox will improve CD profiles of the middle ply as well as the visual appearence of the board. The new Vaahto headbox will also enable further production increases of the machine.

Vaahto´s delivery will also include new deckle liners for the middle ply to eliminate waviness at the fourdrinier section.

Stora Enso runs a similar Vaahto headbox and deckle liners at the BM2 sister machine at Kaukopää mill, also in Imatra, since 2005. The mill is very happy with the performance of Vaahto equipment. Earlier this year Stora Enso ordered a dilution control retrofit to the Tampella headbox of Fors BM3 in Sweden. Vaahto has supplied more than 60 headboxes with it´s own sign since 1992.

The value of the Tainionkoski and Fors orders amounts to 2,2 m€ and is recorded in Vaahto´s orders backlog in the fiscal year 2006-2007, which ended August 31st.

Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery is a subsidiary of Vaahto Group, which is a globally operating high technology company serving process industry in the fields of pulp and paper machinery and process machinery.


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