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The storage of pigment slurry needed to keep low tank levels in motion and prevent stationary zones with a risk of microbial growth

New agitator solution achieved effective tank operational storage capacity


  • The pulp and paper industry often needs to store new raw chemicals, recovery chemicals and pigment fillers in large volume storage tanks.

  • Many conventional vertical agitator solutions do not provide agitating performance down to low liquid levels, leaving a part of the effective storage capacity unused.

  • Large storage tanks with long agitator shafts usually also require bottom steady bearings, which in some cases create an unnecessary point requiring maintenance to exchange wearing sleeves.

  • Special UTG impellers eliminate the need for a bottom bearing and ensure slurry motion in minimum tanks.

Optimization of pulp & paper process


A customer was looking for a new agitation solution for the storage of pigment slurry in order to keep low tank levels in motion and prevent stationary zones with a risk of microbial growth. For certain cases with very erosive particles in the product, the customer also wished to have a solution without any contacting bottom bearing.


UTG selected a multi-level installation of high-flow axial impellers with large blades to take care of the main pump flow pattern of the viscous pigment slurry. The pumping effect on the lowest slurry levels is also taken care of by an additional bottom turbine element (RA-turbine). This element is also self-stabilizing and therefore acts as a non-contacting alternative to a bottom guiding bearing.


A corresponding agitator set-up has been implemented in many large tank volume applications in various areas of the pulp and paper industry. With this agitator solution, the customer is free to use the agitator regardless of the liquid level while also benefitting from increased effective tank operational storage capacity. The previously encountered issue with maintaining a bottom bearing was also solved.


After several successful installations and operations within the pulp and paper industry, the same solution is also established for storage tank agitators of other chemical products mainly deriving from the forest industry, such as crude tall oil (CTO) and lignosulphonates.


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